Executive Director for the EEC

The Early Enrichment Center (EEC) at Idlewild is located in the heart of midtown Memphis and offers early enrichment for children 6 weeks through age 4, an after-school program and a summer camp program, and myriad opportunities for parent involvement.

First and foremost, we love children. We believe in the life-shaping impact of earliest brain development and want to provide a model for our city that involves children growing in diversity from infancy. Believing that vital to early childhood development is “talk, touch, read, play,” EEC will offer children a loving, creative, safe, and stimulating care environment.

Recent studies prove that by age three babies brains are 80% developed, so these first years are vital to rearing healthy, resilient, and creative children. The EEC is based in cutting-edge research on brain development to engender social-emotional growth, self-regulation, and creativity.

EEC is a center where young children of all backgrounds develop healthy relationships. Babies come into the world with no judgment, bias, or fear of the world. The EEC is committed to encouraging a new community, based in childhood wonder, innocence, and grace. We are excited to welcome children of every race, family configuration, socio-economic background, and religion. We know that beginning with diverse community in the earliest stages will strengthen not just children but families and the larger community in which we live.

Executive Director of the Early Enrichment Center


The ideal candidate must:

  • Have a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field 

  • Have at least 3 years experience in early childhood education 

  • Be organized, able to multitask, and clear in setting priorities 

  • Have excellent written and communication skills 

  • Be proficient with technology and office equipment 

  • Be professional in appearance and manner 

  • Have awareness of age-appropriate tools for emotional regulation 

  • Be willing to write and implement grants 

Principle responsibilities: 

  • Provide nurture, security, and growing opportunities for all children enrolled in the EEC

  • Facilitate social-emotional, physical, and cognitive childhood development 

  • Evaluate and provide written documentation for each child’s development 

  • Oversee the development and implementation of EEC wrap-around programs, including 
after school care and summer camp 

  • Facilitate parent involvement and communication

  • Develop parenting programs and activities 

  • Equip staff and parents with brain development and self-regulation education resources 

  • Recruit, hire, and train an administrative assistant

  • Recruit, hire, train, schedule, and coach staff 

  • Work with teachers on refining early education techniques, setting professional goals, 
articulating expectations, and implementing best practices

  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff

  • Conduct regular faculty evaluations, which are presented to the CAFE board 

  • Oversee early education curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation 

  • Determine software and programming needs

  • Oversee and maintain the TN Department of Human Services licensing requirements 

  • Coordinate yearly inspections by Fire Marshall and Health Department 

  • Work with outside specialists as needed including but not limited to Speech and 
Language, Vision, and Hearing Specialists to provide screenings and administer 
developmental assessments to all students within first 3 months of the school year 

  • Develop the EEC budget for CAFE approval and maintain a healthy annual budget 

  • Assist the administrative assistant with budget development and oversight

  • Inform the business office of maintenance needs and oversee routine building 

  • Meet monthly with the board and provide a written Director’s report 

Interested applicants should provide a cover letter indicating interest, current resume, and 3 professional references.

Applications should be sent to:

Children and Family Enrichment
28 S. Evergreen

Memphis, TN 38104



Applications will be considered on a rolling basis as they arrive.